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Do not hesitate to share our passion for Labradors. A yellow, black or chocolate puppy is waiting for you at The Tour Farmina Kennels. We are registered members of the French Retriever Club and are committed to the Breeding Plan charter. We are a small family Labrador breeding and boarding kennels. Your puppy will share your own passion; he will do what you want, go where you want and will be the shadow of yourself. He will bring you true love during his whole life. So do not hesitate to come and see him. He has a lot of love to give you and he will live up to his reputation, which is that of a golden partner.

Breeder registered number 100835 - N° Affixe 61680 - N° SIRET : 51222819800010 - Certificate of proficiency N°10053 - Statement of commercial activity as Dog Trainer at the Inspectorate Office n° 11751243775

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    Labradors of the Tour Farmina have also taken part in movies shootings. Many thanks to Emmanuel for his faithful partnership over the years.

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    Different advertisements of the Tour Farmina.

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    Many thanks to our customers for the time they spent raising the standard of our breeding proficiency as high as they did!